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Environmental Management Technician

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About This Course

In the microlearning course ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT TECHNICIAN you will find 3 different modules with microlearning lessons that will introduce you to the concepts of Ambient air pollution, Water, sanitation and hygiene and Soil Health. This course will approach several elements such as the definition of Air pollution, what are the common air pollutants, and how we can reduce air pollution, among other topics; the concept of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and the EU approach to ensure fresh water and drinking water to all; The definition of Soil Health, as well as the European mission for soil, and how soil and climate change are related.

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What you'll learn

  • What is air pollution;
  • How air pollution can be reduced
  • What are the common air pollutants and air quality standards
  • How can air pollution be measured
  • The importance of water, sanitation and hygiene
  • What is wastewater treatment
  • The EU policy of fresh and drinking water
  • What is soil health
  • The EU soil strategy and soli deal
  • The relation between soil and climate change
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Module 1 – Throughout five lessons, learners will be introduced to the concept of Ambient Air pollution and will be able to define the most common air pollutants, describe how air pollution can be reduced as well as the air quality standards and the different measure procedures.

Module 2 – Module 2 (WASH) comprises 4 lessons. Throughout the 4 lessons, learners will be introduced to the concept of WASH and will be able to determine the European approaches for water and describe how wastewater treatment works.

Module 3 – During this module, learners will discover the importance of soil. Learners will be able to define the European plan for Soil and describe how soil health is related to climate change.

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