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Green Employability

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About This Course

This course promotes ecological issues among VET Trainers and teachers on how to teach relevant new “green” techniques and mainstream green skills. It considers basic details to know about strategic papers the EU has issued and the concept that relates to Green Employability. It is a self-guided training with a knowledge quiz at the end of the course.

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What you'll learn

  • Know basics about the “Green Employment Initiative”, sustainable management of pollution and natural resources ( environmental goods and service sectors ), what “Green growth” may mean for the labour market.
  • Know basics about the “EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy” and “Green Action Plan for SMEs”, the “Circular economy action plan (CEAP)” and the “Green Action Plan for SMEs” (GAP).
  • Know the basics about the European Green Deal (EGD) and expected Employment Trends.
  • Know the basics about the concept of Sustainable Development.
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Topics covered by the course:

  • Know about strategic papers and concepts that relate to Green Employability Textbook information.
  • Assignments that the learners can expect: Reflection work.
  • Quizzes/tests and topic coverage for tests: provided at the end of each unit.

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No previous prerequisites. This is a course for VET Trainers and teachers on how to teach relevant new “green” techniques and mainstream green skills and it promotes ecological issues relevant to know about.